The Utopia concert. May 94

The Dr Pickup Real Audio Files

Utopia, Paris 14.This is a well known blues club in Paris.

The Band personnel in the early nineties.
Dr Robert Pioneer , Guitar and vocals,
Pascal Rocket, Drums,
Bruce Stringkiller, Guitar and vocals,
Jack Vodka, Bass .

Bruce Stringkiller and his beloved Lucille, BB King's twin.

Jack and Pascal laying down the law.

Robert Pioneer cooking up a storm

Tell it like it is Stringkiller

Jack Vodka in full flight

Other concert pictures

Fete de la Musique Suresnes 1995.
Every June 21 Paris has the music festival, we get to play two or three towns and it's great fun.

Studio sessions for our first CD.
We had two tracks for Dr Pickup and we backed Jacky 'Nashville' Rolland on two other tracks.
The CD title is 'On est pas des moinnots' which seems to mean 'Dont mess with us'

The TFI concert.
This must have been two or three years ago. A lot of our gigs are in companies and organisations and they can be real fun. In the Masion des Irlandais in the centre of Paris this was the quietest concert we ever played

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